Your Assignment

Your Assignment is greater than things that you allow to waste your time. You don’t deserve to believe you need to have people that shatter you, to Feel Alive. You don’t deserve that kind of Broken Love. You deserve sad songs with Happy Endings, you deserve the Deepest Love, someone who will look at you and echo your name forever.  Everyone wont be wiling to go where you want to go, don’t cheat your life because you’re afraid to leave people behind. Be with someone who makes you fall in love with God more everyday.

Your Assignment.



Hello Im Zena, this is Zenagallery. I love Inspiring others to Healthy Living. That's true care for me. My purpose is to share my Zenagallery with others, mostly about life thoughts, beliefs, struggles, encouragement, inspirations, Godly words, health & wellness of the Mind, Soul & Body, fashion, Foods, Home, interior Design, Art & all interesting things Life has to offer us. Feel free to contact me about anything on Zenagallery. I want toThank you for the Love & Support. Sincerely Zena.

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