OCTOBER  This day, Father, may my eyes be opened to see the beauty
in all that is ordinary – yet special – around me.
May the glory of all that you have made remind me of your presence and lead me closer to you
. Heavenly Father GOD.

Hello October!!! Its Time for A New Season of Abundance.

Don’t be surprised to find some unexpected visitors in your home toward the end of October. And, no, we don’t meet trick-or-treaters.
Instead, stubborn spirits. “Ghosts, spirits, entities, etc. are associated with Halloween because the divider between the living and the dead is a little bit thinner this time of year.

Amy Blackthorn, a Professional in Newark, Del., who can be hired to cast out spirits. Or you can take a proactive approach, and have your house blessed or cleansed of negative energy in the home or before you move in.

Spirits stick around for various reasons such as the following, experts say.
The apparition might be drawn to a former residence or haunt. “Sometimes a loved one’s grief is so strong, it’s a cord that binds them to this place or area space.

Anna Oliver, a shaman from Tampa, Fla., who conducts meditations to meet up with such spirits. When she explains the need to move on, “they’re usually willing to go. They feel stuck.” It’s not always about stuck spirits. Some clients ask Oliver to do spatial clearing to remove negativity. Something as common as an argument can mar a space. “That all leaves an energetic imprint,” she says. Her goal is to “clear space out so you can claim it for yourself.

Tip: light a  white candle, Then say a prayer or asks residents to visualize what they want to occur in the space — prosperity, for example, or a house full of love, family blessings etc. Ask for a blessing for each area of a home. Also can purchase white sage incense or a negative clearing incense to burn in home or area space.

While each person uses his or her own method of cleansing, there is overlap in the tools practitioners use. For example, people from various traditions use salt, candles and smoke from smudge sticks or incense. Salt absorbs negative energy. Candles signify purity or the divine. The smoke from herbs such as sage, cedar and lavender travel out open windows, drawing out negative energy. Other options place the top half of an onion in the garbage disposal to pull negative energy down the drain, then sets the bottom half in a sunny kitchen window to pull in any lingering last bits of energy. White candles in a cleansing ceremony to signify purity.

“Your home really should be a place you consider HOLY.
If you’re ready to move to other places,  green candles to represent money, so the home will sell quickly.

A Christian blessing
Toting a Bible blesses houses. During a blessing, the owners consecrate and dedicate their home to a higher purpose. Sometimes, residents are looking for tranquility. In one  But “they just wanted peace, not a constant reminder when they looked at the room. They wanted a sense of peace and love in that home.” Always keep Opened Bibles.

Feng shui way
Mary Mihaly, a feng shui practitioner in Cleveland, sprinkles flower petals around homes. “Flowers are the best energy booster you can use in a space,” she says.
Sometimes Mihaly crumbles citrus peels around the exterior of a house. She returns the next day with more citrus peels, shaped like nine coins, and places them in water. Chanting and flicking the water around the house helps ward off negativity.