Healing Arts Co. Astrology, Birth Charts, Spiritual Healing, Readings, Meditation, Healing Crystals, & More…

Making the Connection to your Inner Dreams. Have you ever wondered how?!
Welcome to Zenagallery! Who am I ?!

I Zena Serve & Support Clients to Discover or Rediscover Light, Love, Inspiration, Soul Sessions, Healing, Positive Energy to help with Individual Awareness of Self, Attain your Highest Level Of Ascension. Ms Zena Specializing in Personal Readings, Special Divine Messages, Birth Charts, Crystals, Energy, Light, Love, Readings, Positivity, Healing, Manifesting Heart Fulfillment, Spirituality, Awaken Your Soul, Gratitude, Relaxation, Communication, Success,  Inspiration, Happiness, Astrology, Birth Charts, & Much More….Just Ask ! & I’ll Answer!!

  • Readings  60 mins Only $50.00 cost
  • Readings  30 mins Only $25.00 cost
  •  Special Package Deal – Exclusive Reading 60 mins+ 7 Day Spiritual Cleansing Bath & Protection Wash (1 Gallon)-Removal of All Negative Energies, etc total Only $150.00 cost
  • Healing Plants Available (Custom Made)
  • Herbal Apothecary (Handmade Organic Herbals)


Welcome to My Zenagallery World Network. I Am Zena. My Journey of Spirituality, Inspiration & Health. Living My Purpose, Sharing my Journey with Others, about My Life, Thoughts, Trials, Vision, Most Importantly Inspirations, i LOVE GOD & THE ANGELS. Zenagallery is The Health Wellness of the Mind, Body & Soul. I LOVE Fashion, Foods, Home DECORS, Interior Design, Art, Music, Astrology, Spiritual Readings. Feel free to contact me about anything on Zenagallery. Thank You ALL for the Love & Support. Sincerely Zena.

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