Ketogenic Diet Benefits ?

Top 6 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

1. Healthy Weight Low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diets (like Keto) have been used for decades to help people reach and maintain a healthy weight.One key reasons why is that high-fat diets can actually reduce appetite, even when restricting calories. This is due to the nature of fat-rich foods. Also, by consuming a higher-fat/lower-carb diet, the body is retrained to use fat as an energy source, allowing the body to tap into its own fat reserves for energy.

2. Blood Sugar Balance A ketogenic diet can also be beneficial for those wishing to maintain blood sugar balance (for blood sugar levels already in the normal range). Studies show that low-carbohydrate diets, which limit intake of sugar and processed grains, encourage healthy blood sugar balance as well as other significant health benefits.

3. Healthy Brain Function Not interested in the fat-burning aspect of a keto diet? Keto may still be right for you. A big reason why so many people love the ketogenic diet is due to its support of a healthy brain and brain function. In fact, it’s becoming incredibly popular in many high-performance career fields. One animal study on aged rats pointed towards a ketogenic diet boosting cognitive performance for the study animals. More studies are being done, but that it is a promising outcome.  I believe the proof is in the “ketogenic” pudding. Ask anyone who been in ketosis how it feels, and they’ll most likely tell you that their mind and thoughts are much clearer.

4. Support Gut Health Many who suffer from digestive issues shudder at the thought of eating a high-fat, low-carb diet. And for good reason. Increased fat intake can sometimes boost bowel transit time. But this is generally only a short-lived side effect. While more studies need to be done, numerous studies indicate that a low-carb diet can be particularly powerful when it comes to healthy digestion and digestive function. So, the keto diet can be a great addition to diet and lifestyle practices for supporting a healthy gut!

5. Discomfort Soother and Supporting a Healthy Response to Inflammation Ketosis has also been shown to soothe discomfort in the body and to support a healthy response to inflammation.  I consider that a win-win!

6. Stable Energy Levels What’s probably most shocking about a ketogenic diet is how it keeps energy levels stable throughout the day. That could mean saying “good-bye” to afternoon slumps and no need for an instant hits of sugar, short-lived energy boosts, followed by a crash.

Ketosis for the Win? How is that possible? Fat (and the ketones produced from fat) are a readily available source of fuel. Once someone is fat-adapted and in ketosis, they will typically find that they can easily go for hours without certain foods and not have drastic energy level swings. There’s a solid amount of benefits for those who make the switch to a ketogenic diet.

Note; After reading this, if you are interested in trying  a ketogenic diet, be sure check out my brand new line of supplements specifically designed to help you as you embark on a “keto” journey. Of course, the ketogenic diet of high-fat, low-carb and moderate-protein foods is primary, but I believe these supplements can provide keto-friendly options to help support the keto diet.

As with any dietary or lifestyle regimen, before attempting a ketogenic diet in any capacity, I recommend you try it ONLY with the support of your doctor or other health professional.




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