Move On

“ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO SOME PEOPLE AND MOVE ON. ” You are to Full of life to be Half loved.” MOVE ON.




I Am Zena. Welcome to Zenagallery. My Journey of Inspiration, Health & Living. My Purpose is to Share Zenagallery with Others, about my Life thoughts, beliefs, struggles, inspirations, Godly Words, Health Wellness of the Mind, Soul & Body, fashion, Foods, Home, interior Design, Art, Music, Astrology, Spiritual Readings, & Much More. Feel free to contact me about anything on Zenagallery. Thank you for the Love & Support. Sincerely Zena.

3 thoughts on “MOVE ON!!!”

  1. It depends on the circumstances. True love last forever. If a mother does not pay full attention to her children,
    it does not mean that she doesn’t care.

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    1. Agree. True love lasts forever & there are different circumstances. But if the love is not healthy from whomever, you have to love yourself enough to move on, move forward. So that you as an individual aren’t being abused in the process. That wouldn’t be considered healthy love.


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