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Help From Heaven

Who do you trust to help when troubles inevitably come? We need to know before troubles and sorrows come, because as surely as the sun rises in the morning and the moon lights the night sky, trials and tribulations will eventually touch our lives. The first psalm of this new feature called Psalm Wednesday highlights […]

via Psalm Wednesday January 3, 2018 — Help from Heaven


May you be inspired each new day of the coming year, seeing past the mist of the unknown, instead focusing on stars and rivers, and flowers in the fields. And may you be so filled with light that you cannot help but be a positive influence on others. May you have good health, and everything […]

via A Blessing for 2018 — Ancient Skies

Agape is Blood Love

Our default position as believers faced with challenges is to believe that God is disappointed and frustrated. That He is simply tolerating us. But Paul says no; before the foundations of the world was laid, God already made a plan to adopt us and make us holy and blameless. Ephesians 1:4-6 – Even before he […]

via Agape is blood-love — Pastor Ran

Why Trust The Bible? (With Sources!) — Conquering Doubt Ministries

The Bible, also known as the Good Book or the Holy Book, is the most popular of many religious books in the world. Being there are so many books in the world, why should we trust this one? What makes the Bible trustworthy? In this very long article, we will examine a few objective points […]

via Why Trust The Bible? (With Sources!) — Conquering Doubt Ministries

Limiting your Self Beliefs???

How to Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs By Sean McCool Yesterday, I talked about five ways limiting beliefs hold you back. Then I asked you to take a look at your own life and examine where limiting beliefs might be keeping you from your best life. So now you can benefit from one of the […]

via How to Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs — Emeka Ofili

January 2 – Truth And Consequences — THE RIVER WALK

The idea of a clean slate was a good one. What happened? I loved the concept of a new beginning. Has it already been marred? I’m not even halfway through day two of this new year and already I’ve messed up. I failed. Now I’m stuck sitting here wondering why I even bother.

via January 2 – Truth And Consequences — THE RIVER WALK